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February’s birthstone

February’s flower: Violet- virtue, modesty, faithfulness

17th wedding anniversary stone

A variety of quartz with deep hues of violet beloved by royalty and admonished by even the novel collectors or gemstones. Amethyst has a reputation of fetching regality that should not be overlooked. Amethystos means “sober” in Greek which is where Amethyst has its origins.

Chemical Composition



March Birthday

March Flower: Daffodile - Joy, Friendship, Hope

19th Wedding Anniversary

a variety of beryl with blue to green tints of color: name originates from Latin meaning seawater. This gem is like an endless reflecting pool with its crisp depth and clarity.

Chemical Composition



November Birthstone

November Flower: Chrysanthemum

13th Wedding Anniversary

A familiar variety of quartz that is naturally very rare. Iron traces in the chemical composition are responsible for its fiery autumn shades of yellow, orange to red , and golden to brown

Chemical Composition


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